Belmond Maroma Wedding venue

This was no ordinary wedding!

Planning a destination event requires a whole choreography act. Now add to that COVID and travel safety, and you have a monumental task. Between closures, openings, and hurricane seasons the “happy” couple was juggling several balls. …

Well, we made it! From a June 2019 proposal to arriving in Cancun, Mexico after a long, long year of ups and downs.

It’s a strangely odd feeling to be so far away from home. I am clearly not used to seeing people outside my bubble.

We’ve been wearing our…

Covid Prepared with shield and N95

In the previous article, I discussed my son’s wedding postponement from June to December 2020. Now that we got a date settled here’s where the long and difficult journey begins.

As the date approached, the COVID cases increased and then surged again. A feeling of despair crept in. …

To travel or not to travel? Let’s not involve Shakespeare here. There was also a pandemic during the time he wrote Hamlet. But I digress or perhaps I shall not! This is also a Romeo and Juliet story without the Montagues and the Capulets. …

#FlipEDUChat recap — A Teacher’s perspective

Josh Allen

We launched our #FlipEDUChat twitter chat a couple of weeks ago for the purpose of building a like-minded Flipboard community.

Flipboard is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in social media. Most people download the app for reading but very few will use it to curate magazines. However, curation is…

Twitter Integration on Flipboard

This combination is the best-kept secret in the digital marketing world.


Over the last 8 years that I have been using Flipboard, I have talked to many that have no idea how powerful this app can be. It’s so versatile that I have a hard time breaking down all…

My educator friend William Jeffery refers to Flipboard as the “Swiss Army Knife” of apps because it literally has so many uses. There is not enough space in this post to mention all of them.

Let me start by telling you how you can use Twitter with Flipboard supercharge your…

Often times you are faced with having to find information, whether it’s for your business or for a school project.

The Internet can be very overwhelming! All those bookmarks and saved articles. Where do you put them and how can you find them?

I’ll bet we have all experienced this:

Getting started on @Flipboard is as easy as 1–2–3.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to get started and use Flipboard for your classroom projects.

I am an avid Flipboard fan. I believe in times like these this app can revolutionize the way we educate and do business online.

Flipboard is an app that aggregates content from the Internet to create beautiful, eye-catching magazines. …

Janette Speyer

Co-Founder & Partner Hot Ice Media. #PR, #Marketing, #Branding, #SocialMedia, #Food #OnlineBusiness, Independent #Flipboard Marketer.

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